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EDEN Lab's

EDEN Lab's Hi-Flo™ Series Co2 Super Critical Extractor 20L

EDEN Lab's Hi-Flo™ Series Co2 Super Critical Extractor 20L

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EDEN Lab's Hi-Flo™ Series Co2 Super Critical Extractor

Top tear commercial extraction systems designed to get your business up and running fast. The models offer a full range of extraction parameters, while balancing the need for ease of use and low cost of maintenance.

Features & Benefits

The Hi-Flo Series has the same reputation for reliability, ease of use, and low-cost maintenance as our Hi-Flo FX2 High Performance Series.

With over 20 years of botanical and whole plant extraction expertise, you get fast run times and high yields. In addition to a three-year warranty, each Eden Lab extractor comes with proven standard operating practices for efficient use and specific products. 

The Hi-Flo Series supports temperature ranges of minus 60 º C to 60 º C. Yields are 12 to 25%, depending on material and extraction parameters. Oil integrity cup design keeps oil cool to preserve integrity.

  • Climate controlled environment is recommended.
  • 10 – 15 air exchanges per hour, or as required by ventilation regulation.
  • Sufficient local ventilation for removal of gases released from system’s vent points.
  • Facility electrical supply standards confirm with United States National Electrical Code (NEC) standards and supply power at a frequency of 60 hertz.
  • Eden Labs’ onsite installation and training is available; operators are fully certified in 2 days. Eden Labs’ Seattle-based training is standard.
  • kWh per day consumption in an 8-hour shift ranges from 92.25 to 138.56 depending on model.


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