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Neslab RTE-111

Neslab RTE-111

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The Thermo Fisher Scientific RTE-111 Refrigerated Bath/Circulator provides temperature control for applications requiring a fluid work area or pumping to an external system. The RTE-111 consists of a non-CFC air-cooled refrigeration system, circulation pump, seamless stainless steel bath, work area cover, and a temperature controller. Designed to offer the ultimate in temperature stability for calibration applications, the Thermo Fisher Scientific RTE-111 has the highest cooling capacity for in-bath reaction control, and the industry’s most powerful circulating pump for remote control and cooling of instrumentation.

The Thermo Fisher Scientific RTE-111, once the Thermo Neslab RTE-111 controls the temperature of the reservoir, cools the fluid, and circulates this fluid externally. The RTE-111 combines a powerful CFC-free refrigeration system balanced by a cycling stainless steel heater to provide precise temperature control and optimum stability.


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